Cambodia: The Sugar Man

As Cambodia modernizes with WiFi cafes and electric tuk tuks, simple pleasures like candy makers are slowly disappearing from the streets of Phnom Penh. Here is the article I wrote about the last of the candy makers, I call the Sugar Man.

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Japan: Getting Lost in the River City

In April, my sister and I decided to follow a travel vlog into this place known for its river flowing throughout the city. Dropped off in the middle of the highway by bus from Takayama, we found our way to the quiet town of Gujo Hachiman with my limited Japanese and my sister’s mapping skills. This city was peacefully humming with the sound of the river as its residents fished, biked and greeted visitors to their countryside town.

India: The Northeast

In August 2015, I was invited to the India Tourism Mart held in the mountain city of Sikkim, in Northeast India. After a 4 hour, heart-thumping fast car ride up the mountain, I reached one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Not only did the buildings cling to the sighing curves of the mountain side at frightening heights, the cold weather woke me out of my tropical slumber. The link below is one of the articles about my trip, focusing on how the Sikkim was the first state in India to go all organic.—–india—s-first-state-to-go-all-organic/